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For decades people have referred to it as Hogtown in reference to North America’s second largest pork processing plant which once dwarfed the City’s waterfront in the 1860s. Toronto is no pig pen–it’s a beautiful, dynamic city with an array of free things and stuff to do that will make your tail curl. Holiday Inn Express Toronto – Downtown, free hot breakfast bar.

Super 8 Downtown Toronto, comfortable and value-packed.

The Toronto Free Gallery is another interesting free thing to do. The gallery is home to over 40,000 works, including the largest collection of Canadian art. Enjoy your time reflecting on works by The Group of Seven, Picasso, Monet, Cezanne, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, van Gogh and Matisse, plus be sure to visit the gallery’s thrilling Henry Moore Sculpture Collection.

Here artists from different disciplines–visual artists, architects, film-makers, and more–collaborate to create eclectic works that explore and address everyday issues. A walking tour is one of the great free things to do in Toronto.

A great place to wander and people watch, it is a cornucopia of unique shops, thrift stores, fruit stands, food spots and pubs. Drop by the Toronto Police Museum and Discovery Centre. Get behind the wheel of a police car or hop on a Harley-Davidson police bike.