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Reggie observes Lisa's wedding band and surmises she is a typical uppity white bitch never fucked by a black man. Everything is happening so fast she doesn't know whether to scream or try reasoning with him.

Lisa feels uneasy as Reggie approaches, undressing her with his dark eyes. I'm going to have you arrested for assault," Lisa threatens, unsuccessfully attempting to jerk free of Reggie's grasp. Before she can decide, Reggie's meaty hand covers her mouth and Lisa finds herself being dragged toward the room Reggie came from, her shoes furrowing the worn, green carpet, then falling off, on the way.

The place appears disorganized with debris strewn about and can use a good cleaning. He has an appetite for petite white girls too and a special talent for getting into their panties. Lisa triggers an old, familiar itch in Reggie he can't resist scratching.

"It says here you have one girl and two boys, ages ten, twelve, and 15. " Lisa questions looking down at the form on her clipboard, the back of which she spends idle time drawing hearts with her and Doug's name in them. "Does anyone else live here with you besides the children? A brilliant idea occurs to Shaquanda: introducing Lisa to Reggie and seeing where things might go. Reggie's attraction to white girls goes back as far as he can remember.

Lisa musters all her strength, summoning every muscle in her body, but can't break free from Reggie's viselike embrace. "Ooooh, look what we has here," Shaquanda says pulling Lisa's pants down while Lisa violently kicks, revealing pink, silk bikini briefs matching her racy bra.