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The Nazi regime implemented restrictions on prostitutes, and many cities banned the practice in public places.But prostitutes were also used by Adolf Hitler’s government to try to boost the performance of soldiers, as well as to reward prisoners at concentration camps - a manipulative method of creating competition and division.One American and frequent German sex tourist told The Local in 2013 that Germany was like “Aldi for prostitutes” because of the low prices. It’s known for its flat-rate sex clubs or mega-brothels like Artemis, which was raided by police last year in an investigation into possible human trafficking.

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The review reflects mounting concerns in Washington over Moscow’s determination to exploit European disunity in order to undermine Nato, block US missile defence programmes and revoke the punitive economic sanctions regime imposed after the annexation of Crimea.

The US move came as senior British government officials told The Telegraph of growing fears that “a new cold war” was now unfolding in Europe, with Russian meddling taking on a breadth, range and depth far greater than previously thought.

Prostitution has long been legal in Germany, and the country has been called "Europe's biggest brothel". Even in the 1800s, police preferred a system of regulation so they could supervise prostitution, according to the book Prostitution by Eva-Maria Heberer.

But forced prostitution continues to be an issue as well. Under King Friedrich Wilhelm IV, brothels were banned in large parts of Prussia for some years, and prostitutes had to be registered.

Some estimates say that prostitution constitutes a €14.5 billion industry in Germany, and it’s the largest market in the EU, according to Spiegel.