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(He takes off his glasses.) Of the same species as myself. (Noise of Lucky getting up and picking up his baggage. Lucky carries a heavy bag, a folding stool, a picnic basket and a greatcoat, Pozzo a whip.

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(Lucky advances, stoops, Pozzo snatches the whip from his mouth, Lucky goes back to his place.) Yes, gentlemen, I cannot go for long without the society of my likes (he puts on his glasses and looks at the two likes) even when the likeness is an imperfect one. (Lucky puts down bag and basket, advances, opens stool, puts it down, goes back to his place, takes up bag and basket.) Closer! To Vladimir and Estragon.) That is why, with your permission, I propose to dally with you a moment, before I venture any further. (Lucky advances, gives the basket, goes back to his place.) The fresh air stimulates the jaded appetite.

(Pozzo finishes buttoning up his coat, stoops, inspects himself, straightens up.) Whip!

(Before their incredulous expression.) Yes yes, sincerely happy.

To Vladimir and Estragon, affably.) Gentlemen, I am happy to have met you. (Lucky stops.) Yes, the road seems long when one journeys all alone for .

Vladimir watches him, then goes and picks up the boot, peers into it, drops it hastily.