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My ex-wife has come back (yet again) with a bid for residency.I shall, of course, fight it, in court if necessary, and I won't let her win.

We agreed a schedule, but immediately she started messing around with it and changing days on a whim – so I was often left sat in a cold car for hours waiting for my son.

Following the advice of my solicitor, the next time she 'forgot' to hand over our son I contacted the police, who turned up on her partner's doorstep and persuaded her to hand over the child.

Martin shares his story about how he eventually obtained a residency order against the odds: Two years ago my ex-wife had an affair with a much older man.

I was aware that something wasn't right in our relationship, but I guess I was in denial because I didn't want to consider the break up of what had been a very happy marriage up until that point.

The divorce itself came and went – my ex-wife NOT being able to make a claim on any more of my property, so I kept my house, car and sanity, despite all her threats.


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    Most of the volunteers were new to the program, and each had reasons for wanting to spend 10 weeks on other people's taxes.