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host Padma Lakshmi once infamously licked BBQ sauce off of her thigh in a hot and steamy Carl Jr.’s commercial so we know the tv personality isn’t shy about her body and that also goes for the seven-inch scar on her right arm.

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But tragedy struck Ejiofor early in his life and actually almost killed him.

An 11-year-old Ejiofor was involved in a serious car accident that claimed his father’s life.

Looks like Lord Disick is ready to go steady again.

After leaving Kourtney Kardashian with three youngings to go satisfies all of his addictions, he’s now in an “official” relationship with 19-year-old Sofia Richie.

Although she has never revealed where the scar came from, it’s not a result from an STD. “That’s there every day of my life.” Rapper Maino is enjoying his freedom now and pursuing his passion and love of music but there was a time when the Brooklyn native wasn’t so free and he has the scar on his face to prove it.