Gok wan dating tips

I was already Vegan but I also quit carbs, and eventually solids. Then the very exciting news of who was going to host the show came, one Mr Gok Wan.

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Well a new show is in production to take women and help improve their confidence and give them a makeover and a romantic date.” Well, extreme times call for extreme measures.

Why not do something so scary, so public, so different from hiding in my room with Doctor Who DVDs? I filled in my application about Daddy, my lifestyle, and the fact that I had been living in South Korea teaching.

I have social anxiety, low self-esteem, body dismorphia and a general drive to not eat and hate myself. I am an epic geek, to the point that I cosplay and make my own clothes to wear.

Being flamboyant and creative was a great outlet and geeking out to various TV shows made me happy.

I went through challenges such as having all my makeup removed and my picture showed to people in Soho to see what they thought of me.


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    Previously, she hosted a show on Sirius XM in NYC and Exitos 93.9FM in Los Angeles.