Updating settings takes too long

updating settings takes too long-76

With most of these boxes already rooted and open to all sorts of attack people even ruin their Android system by the use of tuning tools designed for smartphones....

And there are claims the some people got their box shipped with totally outdated firmware and no online update working.

I used the Google translator for several hours without finding any way to register an account at Baidu without the need for a china based landline or mobile number to activate it.

There is none, which means as a normal guy you can only download files of up to about 200mb, everything bigger gives you an error message telling you to use their downloader tool - which needs a registered login as well.

After some digging on the web I found the guys behind the X96 are actually nice enough to provide more or less regular updates for their boxes, even for the new model with dual Wi Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.