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But as stated above, the Author of the original images must also be credited, and your images may then come under the same rights or licence as the original. The court cards have the king/queen/jack images in a central square surrounded by a wide border. The authors have made two downloads available - Large size 75x107 pixels and Smaller size 150x215 pixels. This site also has free Patterns & Tutorials for Photo Shop. The suits have different coloured / textured backgrounds, the Diamonds have green velvet - see pic. Oberhumer Copyright (C) 1990 Volker Weidner This Py Sol cardset was adapted from Patience 2.25 (Atari ST). At present the author has no plans for including all the Minor Arcana, but if enough people were to email/contact her.......knows (?! A high resolution contemporary deck of photo quality.

See examples in the copyrights which accompany decks under the GPL & GNU licences. The playing card brushes are for a standard 52 card deck, plus joker and card back. Author Licence: Terms of use: These brushes are - and shall always remain - FREE. Licence: "These card images are distributed as freeware, meaning you can use and distribute the deck as you wish, provided that you do not charge anything for doing so. Orginal card images which suggest divinatory meanings for the cards. Note: The court cards are modified images from the Oxymoron deck. Licence: This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. Copyright (C) 2004 Tazmarie Regular 52 card deck - no joker(s), no cardback. Beautifuly blended images, with some translucant effects. Brad Pitt, other cards like "Judgment", are stunningly evocative. Format: jpg includes two versions of some cards, so you can choose the images you prefer.

There are site-pages for the Major Arcana and the Four Elements where you can view the cards and choose to view the texts associated with them . The site is laid out similar to the Experimental Tarot above, with pages for veiwing the cards plus texts, and there are three downloads for the Tarot deck and Divinatory Texts etc, hence the download page will open in a separate window. (General Public Licence) ~~~~~~~~~~~ Alternatively; A monotone deck of the Colman-Smith Tarot (no cardback) with smaller sized cards can be Dispite the (valid) opinion of historians that this deck was not designed by Mantegna, and neither does it conform to a 78 card Tarot deck, various copies of the original engravings have been made over the centuries and it has generally become known as the 'Mantegna Tarot'.

The actual original deck dating from around 1470 CE has not yet been discovered.

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