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But if that person contacts you for date #2, it’s pretty rude to pretend he or she never existed. Just say ‘No thanks; I don’t think we’re a match.’ That is all that’s required.” To further soften the blow, say “But thank you for our time together”—after all, it’s not your date’s fault you two didn’t click.“I call that ‘poofing’ and it’s really nasty,” says Lasky. This person deserves the same courtesy you’d give anyone who made an extra effort to meet you.And it’s one that online daters often don’t like to hear: that the person they’re dating is still open to meeting new love interests.

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“It feels cleaner for many people,” points out Michael Lasky, author of click on a button to send a polite “thanks, but no thanks” reply. ” Let your date take the lead on providing details and you’ll avoid invading his or her privacy before the time is right.

If that option doesn't interest you, consider weighing how much effort went into the email you received: If the writer just sent one line, no need to respond. If you are on the receiving end of too much nosiness, you can always just say “I make a policy of not telling people that until I get to know them better”—that way the person won’t take it personally.

However, if you got a three-page personal and heartfelt letter, a nice “no thank you” may well be the polite thing to send. A: “Prior to meeting someone, it seems premature to ask very personal questions on address and employment,” says Gloria Starr, who gives image, etiquette, and communication seminars nationwide. Q: If you meet someone in person after chatting online and discover you’re not interested, do you have to tell the person or can you just disappear?

Q: Is it OK to ask detailed questions like “Where do you work? After meeting and deciding that there is interest on both sides, however, it’s fine to let those questions fly—just keep in mind that your effort to get to know each other better doesn’t require nitty gritty specifics. A: Since it was your very first face-to-face, it’s possible your date didn’t feel sparks flying either—in which case it’s fine for you both to just fade away.

Q: How long should your profile stay up once you’ve started dating someone?


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