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I am negative about this site simply because the increadable amount of Russian and Ukraine girls who pay 30 Euro's per month to be on this site???? 30 Euro's is almost 10 percent of the average monthly income of women in Russia and the Ukraine, that is if the have a job which a lot of them don't.

You truly believe they pay such high monthly rate just to travel or to find a companion where there are loads of free websites for them to choose from?

I said politely to one Ukrainian - I won't let you talk on here too long because you would be using up your credit as well as me. So when you guys see a fit model and send her a message - she get's paid to receive messages like "Hiya gawjus" Sexc" etc. The same goes for - They are full of fakes and scammers. - You're probably talking to a 45 year old man or a babushka who works for the mafia! If during the subscription periods you use paid features on the the Company's website, the fee for such periods will not be returned.

I also think there is a gender discrimination on many dating websites - especially the scamming ones. - and if she replies to that - she is getting paid for it and if you reply to her response she will also get paid....!! I believe in equality and fairness and this SITE IS DISCRIMINATING AGAINST MEN! Usually on your average dating website (or Tinder, Badoo etc) you're lucky to get a reply haha!

The Wife and I have been very busy with our work and I haven’t had much time at all to spare.