Updating twitter via mobile

The brands, and the people behind them, highlighted here are engaging with their biggest fans and critics, and they're doing it all via real-time tweets.

Twitter Name: Adam Denison Chevrolet Official Tweeter: Say hello to Adam Denison, the PR guy for Chevrolet Corvette, Camaro, Impala and HHR.

He's the super friendly and super social head of social media at Ford.

According to Monty, Ford made the jump to Twitter when he came up with the "idea to tweet on behalf of Ford and to harmonize all of our accounts; i.e., every account starts with @Ford." Stats: 8,425 following/8,494 followers Why Ford tweets: "It's part of a larger social media strategy to humanize the Ford brand and put consumers in touch with Ford employees." On what's great about using Twitter for Ford: "Keeping up with the many people who are passionate about Ford vehicles and educating people who might not be aware of all of the great products and progress we're making." On what's coming in 2009: "I'll be getting other Ford employees up and running on many of our accounts, so it's more than just me representing the company on Twitter." Twitter Name: GMblogs General Motors Official Tweeter: There are a few people behind the GMblogs account, but Robyn Henderson in social media communications was kind enough to give us 140 characters worth of answers and opinions even though she was busy at an Auto show with limited email access via her Black Berry. Stats: 1,514 following/2,052 followers Why they tweet: "Experiment at first, but now for feedback, to clarify misconceptions, hear from and talk to customers/observers who may not comment on our blogs" On interesting experiences via Twitter: "It's surprising how many GM employees and alumni find us here and introduce themselves.

(That’s a hard one to answer in 140 characters or less)." On whether or not he gets overwhelmed: "Not yet, but I sometimes get overwhelmed when I open my Twitter Search RSS feeds and see how many people are talking about any of my cars." On interesting (good and bad) replies: "There were many during the loan hearings with Congress.

It was amazing to see how passionately people were either for or against us." Twitter Name: Scott Monty Ford Official Tweeter: You probably already know Scott Monty, but if you don't you should.

" This is a big category and it's growing every day.