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Is the military a liberal institution because it promotes the group over the individual?

(Liberal radio host Randy Rhodes claims this, btw.) Are those promoting multiculturalism and the "salad bowl" view of integration conservative, with the liberal "melting pot" advocates fighting back? I don't think so."Now, I'm not claiming the opposite, either, I just don't think the left/right divide works well in this case.

The teacher who gets an inner city kid interested in engineering prevents a villian, but such stories are difficult to tell in comics and not superhero stuff.

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Looking at the cooperation/competition divide it becomes less obvious whether comics tend towards liberalism or conservatism.

"With great power comes great responsibility", is that a liberal concept or conservative one?

Many tend to suffer from post-traumatic stress, turn to substances and have suicidal tendencies, she said.'It’s a really complicated situation and your emotions are back and forth,' Stacey says as she observes the children being taken away.'Part of you is delighted that the operation is going well because ultimately the kids are going to be safe and well in the future, but then you remind yourself that there are no real winners because these kids are going to have their mums taken away from them.

Stacey told the cameras: 'A, I know that’s a complete lie and B, to have that mentality when you’re supposed to be the person that protects them is just so depressing.'It’s such a disappointment and they just confirm that it was right to take those kids away from them two.' After their mothers' arrests the children of the two women are rehomed in the Filipino care system.

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