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A third denotes a free gift of grace, used in the New Testament to refer to a spiritual or supernatural gift.” and is used to in the New Testament to describe a supernatural or spiritual gift.

Other such gifts specifically listed in the Scriptures include faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, speaking in tongues, having words of wisdom or knowledge, being a prophet, pastor, apostle, teacher or evangelist.

Oh, you can pretend to teach or even pastor a church but there’s a difference between those who fake it and those who are fueled by the Spirit of God. Are you the single woman who is just barely getting by who will become an insignificant spinster one day?

Some are just barely getting by and will fizzle out, their insignificance leaving us with little or no fruit. Or are you the kind that’s more dangerous, leading the lost further into their lostness?

And my dear friend and single author Carolyn Mc Culley expresses it well when she writes this about the passage in Sex and The Supremacy of Christ: “It’s not a gift in the way we might think about it on our birthdays or at Christmas: “Do I like it? One word denotes a gift presented as an expression of honor.


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